Tree Watering Volunteers

The upcoming dates for the TreeLine Outreach Program will be posted soon!

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Two South Pasadena High School outreach volunteers

Two South Pasadena High School outreach volunteers

Our city trees withstand threats of bugs, diseases, and human destruction, which endanger their long-term survival. We know the benefits that trees provide – clean air, clean water, cooling shade amongst others – so we must strive to help them survive day-to-day life in our community. The SPB Volunteer Tree Outreach Program hopes to be the voice and the foot soldiers in the fight for trees, the volunteers who plant, advocate, and care by watering the trees along our city streets.

Now SPB needs your help to water these newly planted trees.

Individuals, families, community members, students and non-profit groups interested in helping our trees are invited to participate in our tree watering outreach program. You can help by distributing educational materials and tree watering tools for South Pasadena residents, including homeowners, renters, leaders of businesses and institutions. 

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If you are interested in participating in our tree watering outreach program, please let us know! We will respond immediately.

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