South Pasadena Beautiful hosts a fall workshop where specialist come and talk to the audience about a variety of themes. 

2018 Fall Workshop

We are in planning phase for this year's workshop. Stay tuned, we will be updating this section with the details around summertime.

2017 Fall Workshop

Sunday, September 10, 2017, SPB hosted the 2017 Fall Workshop at the Youth House at the Garfield Park.

South Pasadena Beautiful joined forces with the City of South Pasadena to present a series of free tree talks focused on three distinct areas.

  • The 11:00 lecture highlighted the diseases currently attacking our urban forest. What is happening and what can be done about it.
  • The 12:00 lecture included a demonstration about proper tree care and watering using trees in Garfield Park (both new and mature) as examples. Free tree soaker hoses and watering bags were given to attendees.
  • The 1:00 lecture discussed what it means to be a zero-waste household and included a composting workshop.
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