Our 2018 Tree Drive has begun!

This year we are happy to announce that the City of South Pasadena will match each tree donated by community members. Our goal this year is to plant 100 trees by Arbor Day in March 2018.

Donors may choose a location close to their business or residence or let the city plant where the need is greatest. Each dedication tree is a tax-deductible $350 donation. All donations made with a credit card online will include a $10.50 service fee. 

Each donated tree will receive a tree watering bag to help ensure the survival of the new tree as well as a root barrier to protect the sidewalks from the tree's roots.

Print the application below and mail it in with a check for $350 payable to South Pasadena Beautiful, PO Box 1133 South Pasadena, CA 91031.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
— Chinese Proverb

Benefits of planting a tree! They...

Conserve energy in the summer and save you money

Help clean the air and produce oxygen

Provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife

Trees around your home can increase your home value by 15% or more

Cool the streets and the city

Combat the greenhouse effect

Absorb traffic noise and increases privacy

Make your home and neighborhood more beautiful

Increase revenue in shopping districts

Encourage civic pride

For more information email us at

2017 Drive was a success!

SPB hosted a tree planting drive in the Fall and Winter of 2016. We exceeded our goal of 50 trees by Arbor Day 2017 (March 7th) and received 73 tree donations

We thank all of the generous tree donors who are helping to keep our urban canopy thriving for future generations.